Medical in the word means medicine, treatment of patients, and in the term of an applied knowledge, aimed at maintaining the health of patients, as well as improving their well-being and their well-being, by recognizing the diagnosis of the treatment and preventing them from becoming pregnant. That is why those who are interested in This discipline should have a high level of intelligence and the ability to study and study hard and difficult questions that can take a major step in this field.


Fever marks the body’s fight against pathogens, but if this fever is higher than its usual limit, it is a great threat to human life.

A thermometer or thermometer is a device for measuring body temperature, varying in adults and children.

Using the one of the best type of mercuric thermometer (oral), Bianyan Equipment of Azerbaijan has taken a major step towards health and well-being.


Domestic thermometer Price: 5000 t



In the term of the hospital there are hospitals and hospitals. It is a good option for children and adolescents who have urinary tract or urinary incontinence.

Bonyan Equipment Azerbaijan has designed and constructed this beautiful and subtle pad that is capable of absorbing high volumes of discharge and is proud to take a major step in the national production and introduce Iranian consumers to our dear fellow citizens.