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Blonde Tatron Shoes 170g Men's and Women's

T-shirt Jumper trousers 185 g Men's and Women's

Men's and women's hot flannel pants

Simple ones

Sean Perforce

Teflon bedding Dimensions 1.50 * 2.40

Nergal bedding Dimensions 1.50 * 2.40

Flattened Tetron Cushion Dimensions 1.50 * 2.40

Tiled Nergalcatcher Dimensions 1.50 * 2.40

Sick scarves

Basin Towel

--------------------------Disposable clothing--------------------------

Disposable Pants Hat

Blues pants disposable cap

One-time single patient disposable

Single-patient single-use pants

Disposable pillows

Sheets of 30 grams 1.60 * 2.20 plain and cached single use

60 * 90 winged pod reclamation

Disposable bed linen is 1.20 * 2.20 blue. 38 grams of bamboo

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