Medical equipment In fact, any equipment is a device for the human being that is designed to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or reduce the disease.

They have surgery

It is used to cover parts of the patient’s body, as well as surgical and surgical room tables.
In general, they are sterilized fabrics to separate parts of the patient’s body that is undergoing surgery from other parts of the non-sterile area.
Feet for legs: Used in the genital or urinary tract surgery.
Perforated: This cloth covers the surgical area and only specifies the surgical part.


Clamps or holders

A tool for maintaining tissue and other materials in surgery

کلمپ یانگهدارنده

Surgical gloves

Latex surgical gloves are made of natural rubber, which has a high sensitivity and delivers excellent touch.

دستکش جراحی


The mask is a good protector against infectious particles that physicians, patient visitors and all hospital personnel can use to prevent contagious diseases.


Tabor chair

Separate seats that are used in surgical and surgical centers, as well as in laboratories. The height of these seats can be changed, and it is noteworthy that the tubular should be sterilized after each operation.

صندلی تابوره