Hospital, hospital, tired house, or in the Old Persian language of Dar al-Shafa and Bait al-Dawiya, home and office, where mainly patients are treated and treated as well, since the majority of people who come to this building have enough health and wellness The health and safety of the environment and the individual are of great importance, among which the experienced team of Bonyan Tajhiz Azarbaijan has been trying to help this sensitive sector of personal and collective health.

The plan for the development of the health system on May 15th, under the authority of the eleventh government and with the serious support of the distinguished President, with the aim of:

Reduce patient payments

Promoting normal delivery

Improvement of hoteling quality

Supporting the shelf-life of doctors in deprived areas

The presence of resident specialist doctors

Improving the quality of services and visits in hospitals

The program of financial protection for patients with severe, special and needy

It started its work.