Hospital clothing

We must always keep in mind that beauty and skinny help in achieving social success.

More importantly, the clothes that dear patients use in hospitals and treatment centers. Because of the importance of the issue, the spirit of the patients should always be high enough to be able to complete their health well with this high spirit.

Bianyan Equipment Co. of Azerbaijan produces a wide range of different types of cloths and blankets, in various designs, as well as various varieties (straw-straw-tetra-cotton yarn) ready to cooperate with all hospitals, companies and dear colleagues.

لباس بیمار مردانه جنس تریگال تترون پنبه نخ

                  Men’s clothing

Material: Trigal-tetron-cotton flamant

Weight: 160-170-180-190-240 grams

Main colors: blue-blue-green-white

Combination colors: Blue-Bold-Foursquare blue-black-blue-dark blue

Price: from 1.50USD up 2.30USD

لباس بیمار زنانه جنس تریگال تترون فلامنت پنبه

                  Women’s clothing

Material: Trigal-tetron-cotton flamant

Weight: 160-170-180-190-240 grams

Main Colors: Pink-Pink Four-Home-Green-White

Combination colors: Red-four houses pink-orange-bay-black

 Price: from 1.50USD up 2.30USD

لباس کار

                          Working clothes and clothes

Genus: Kajra-Trigal-tetron

Color: Blue-green-black-white

Supplementary Colors: Green-Yellow-Orange-Tall-White

Supplementary Colors: Blue-Purple-Red-White

Prices from 2.5USD up 5 USD

لباس بیمار بچه گانه

          Sneaky children’s clothes

Size: (M-S-1-2-3-4-5)

Material: Trigal-tetron-cotton flamant

Cartoon layout

Prices from1 USD up 1.5 USD

The microbiological research carried out by a number of microbiologists on hospital-made cloths was flushed out. Unfortunately, the results of these cultures were positive and different types of germs were identified in this environment.

The disposable of manufactured products dramatically increases the level of health security.

Studies have shown that in some cases, the hospitalization period increases due to hospital infections from one month of the month. Field research conducted in Tabriz’s martyr’s hospital, orthopedic surgery center, in the 83rd year and after the replacement of surgical packs The use of sterile cloth bopcas showed that while the facility suffered from long-term exposure to hospital infections in the past years, it has not even been exposed to post-operative infections.

Undoubtedly, this was an indication of the effectiveness of the use of hospital disposables in reducing and controlling hospital infections. On the other hand, high maintenance costs for laundries and hospital dwellings included water, electricity, detergents, disinfectants and costs The personnel and facilities of these sectors were the factors that made the use of hospital and hospital disposables for traditional and in-kind prefabricated areas as well.

The Bianyan Equipment of Azerbaijan, also with the production of disposable disposable spun bands, has been a major step forward in economic saving and personal hygiene, an environment in hospital centers.

گان عمل-لباس MRI

        One-time action

Material: Sponge Band (Non-woven Fabric)

Weight: 30-35-40-45-50-60 g

Color: Blue-Pink-Green-Blue-Sky-White

Prices from 0.42 USD to 0.7 USD

گان وکلاه وشلوار اسپان باند

                    Disposable clothing

Material: Sponge Band (Non-woven Fabric)

Weight: 30-35-40-45-50-60 g

Color: Blue-Pink-Green-Blue-Sky-White

Price from 0.3 USD to 0.53 USD

سرهم یکبار مصرف ضد آب

        Disposable waterproof disposable

Material: Laminate (Waterproof Band Band)

Weight: 30-35-40-45-50-60 g

Color: Blue-Pink-Green-Blue-Heavenly-White

Prices from 0.7 USD to 1 USD